How to Draw in Canva

Canva’s drawing tool gives users the creative freedom to create custom illustrations. This guide shows you how to draw on Canva.

Note: Currently, the drawing tool is only available when you use Canva on a computer.

How to draw in Canva using the drawing tool

  1. Open Canva and open a new (or existing) design. For example, I have selected a blank Instagram post (Portrait) design.

    Click to open blank template
    Open a new design.
  2. Once your canvas is open, you will find several editing options in the side panel. Select More.

    Click on more
    Select More.
  3. Scroll down the list of apps and select Draw (Beta). Search for it if you can’t find it in the list – it has a pencil icon.

    Click on Draw
    Click on Draw.
  4. Pick a brush that you want to use for freehand drawing. You can select any of the four options – Pen, Marker, Glow Pen, and Highlighter.

    Select a brush to draw
    Select a brush to draw.
  5. Next, select a color for your brush by clicking the colored square you wish to choose. You can also set a custom color by pressing the + icon. To select a color from your design, tap the pen icon. You can also enter a color’s Hex Code.

    Pick a color with pen tool
    Pick a color.
  6. If you wish to erase any part of your drawing, click on the Eraser tool and drag it over the lines you want to erase.

    Tap on the Eraser to erase if you wish
    Tap on the Eraser to erase part of your design.
  7. You can also pick a brush and alter its size or transparency if you want to draw more. To do this, toggle left or right the Size or Transparency sliders.

    Adjust size and transparency if you wish and click on Done
    Adjust size and transparency if you wish and click on Done
  8. Click on Done when finished with your drawing. This will save your freehand drawing as an image in Canva.

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