How to Make a Grid in Photoshop


Creating a custom grid in Adobe Photoshop can be useful when working on certain projects. It can be achieved by first creating a custom pattern, then using it as a template for our grid.

Creating a new grid pattern

First, you need to create the grid pattern.

  1. Start by creating a New Canvas that’s 720×720 Pixels. Set the “Background Contents” to Transparent.

    Create a new canvas
    Create a New Canvas.
  2. Click on the Line Tool.

    Line Tool
    Click on the Line Tool.
  3. In the toolbar on top, adjust the Fill to No Fill.

    Adjust the fill
    Set the Fill option to No Fill.
  4. Press Ctrl + R (Cmd + R on Mac) on your keyboard to bring out the Rulers.
  5. While holding Shift, click and draw a line in the middle of the screen.

    Draw a line
    While holding Shift, click and draw a line straight in the middle.
  6. Right-click the layer and select Duplicate Layer. You can also press Ctrl + J on your keyboard (Cmd + J on Mac).

    Duplicate Layer
    Right-click on the Layer, and select Duplicate Layer.
  7. With the new layer selected, go to Edit > Transform > Rotate 90 ° Clockwise.

    Rotate the layer
    Go to Edit > Transform > Rotate 90 ° Clockwise.
  8. Right-click one of the layers, and click Merge Visible.

    Merge Visible
    Right-click on a layer and select Merge Visible.
  9. Go to Edit > Define Pattern.

    Saving the pattern
    Go to Edit > Define Pattern.
  10. Give the pattern a name, and click OK.

    Give the grid a name
    Name the pattern, and click OK.

Using the pattern as a grid

Once the pattern is created, you can use it whenever you want as a grid. To access the grid pattern you’ve made, you first need to have the Pattern tab opened.

  1. Go to Window > Patterns.

    Go to Window > Patterns.
  2. On the right, find the pattern you’ve created and select it.

    Select the pattern
    Select your pattern on the right.
  3. You can adjust the grid size by double-clicking it in the Layers tab.

    Adjust the grid scale
    Double-click the pattern in the “Layers” tab to adjust its scale.
  4. In “Pattern Fill” you can adjust the Scale % of your Pattern. Click OK when you’re done.

    Adjust the Scale
    Once you adjust the scale, click OK.

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