About us
Void Graphics Design Agency
At the forefront of digital creativity

Established in 2022, our team has worked for hundreds of clients, creating complex and minimalist designs.

Our staff are based in Athens, Greece and all have had formal education in design, as well as years of practice. We are the best of the best.

Our specialty is branding. Building brands that build trust. Brands that are loved. Brands that convert. Brands that sell. Brands that create loyalty.

Using known psychological concepts, color manipulation and advanced design techniques, we will build you a brand you can be proud of.

When designing logos, we take into account both spatial and distance awareness, brand recognizability and uniqueness, as well as appeal to a specific target audience.

We test many difference designs, both within the team and consulting with clients. Eventually, we always find a design which the client loves.

We are proud of the fact that so far, none of the clients we’ve worked with have had the need to change their branding. We are confident that you will love our designs as well!

Unique designs