About Me.

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Fahd Rashid
Temporal Galaxy Exploration Officer (Graphic Designer)


I often ask myself if one page on a book would be enough to tell everyone about me. In fact, even a child who’s lived for one day would need more than one page to describe themselves. I can always write in simple words that I’m Fahd Rashid, a guy who firmly believes in the saying ‘age is just a number’. But is that all you want to know? Or do you think and believe that there is much, much more to the story.

Where? When? Why?

Where have I come from? When did my survival on this planet begin? Why do I believe that age is truly just a number? So many questions yet only one page to write it all. I’m from 30° 00 N, 70º 00 E. Life is a puzzle; figure it out. My survival you ask? Well I’ve been told it was a Monday, 12:20am, 10th of August in the year MCMXCVIII. That’s when the real game of life started.

People have always told me that they get amazed by looking at tall buildings. I tell them that I get amazed by the logos on building or the design of the doors. They leave. Every. Single. Time.

You see, age is always just a number. We think that some things can only be achieved after a certain age. But my thinking is that there are some things in life that can’t be learnt or taught. They come naturally. Some people can make others laugh near instantly. They’ve never been to a school of laughter. Is that even a thing? Do stand-up comedians go to school of stand up comedy? No. Seriously, no.

All it takes is some time, a lot of self exploration and experimentation and you’re ready stand against all odds. Age is just a number that does nothing but tell you how early or how late you’ve explored yourself.

Now that you know 2% of the ‘real’ me, let me quickly run you through everything else.

  • Name: Fahd Rashid
  • DOB: Aug 10 1998
  • Profession: Designer
  • Degree: Foundation in Design (Distinction)
  • Interests: Photography, Cinematography, Gaming, Writing.
  • Dream City: Los Angeles



TL;DL: Read it. You might just hire me for being creative.